The Secret Garden: Latest Lookbook

Last Saturday we found a really cute little garden in the grounds of a Manor House in Brighton and new at once it would be perfect for our High Summer 2015 Lookbook. We spent the day having fun and messing around playing hide and seek and acting like young kids again whilst our photographer Mike from Crate47 snapped away catching cute moments and silly faces. We even had a quick lesson of Croquet by an over eager gent!

We are so so pleased with the results and we think the images capture the playful and fun feel of the brand perfectly.

Big thanks to Mike and our two models Becky & Mallory xx

C-Tallulah-201615-0870 C-Tallulah-201615-0822 C-Tallulah-201615-0813 C-Tallulah-201615-0796 C-Tallulah-201615-0752 C-Tallulah-201615-0740 C-Tallulah-201615-0715 C-Tallulah-201615-0705 C-Tallulah-201615-0693 C-Tallulah-201615-0686 C-Tallulah-201615-0677 C-Tallulah-201615-0672 C-Tallulah-201615-0638 C-Tallulah-201615-0630 C-Tallulah-201615-0600 C-Tallulah-201615-0590 C-Tallulah-201615-0583

Latest Style Crush

We get style envy a lot here at Tallulah’s Threads and love a girl with a cute and individual style. Our latest style crush is the beyond cool Kayla McCullough from the Fashion blog House Of Steeze.

Kayla just has the incredible ability to make anything work and to look simply perfect in whatever style she has chosen for the day, from vintage glam and modern grunge to girly boho.

With this in mind we sent Kayla our Ice Cream dress which has the perfect summer retro print and couldn’t wait to see how she styled it!

Here are a few of the images from her blog post, see the full review here ‘We All Scream’

kayla 1 kayla 2 kayla 3 kayla 4